ISO 8859-1 (1987)

Characters without entities can be inserted by prepending &#
to the character code and appending ;. If using the hex code,
omit the leading zero.


Character Hex Decimal Entity Description UTF-8 encoding
NUL 0x00 0   null [0x00]
SOH 0x01 1   start of heading [0x01]
STX 0x02 2   start of text [0x02]
ETX 0x03 3   end of text [0x03]
EOT 0x04 4   end of transmission [0x04]
ENQ 0x05 5   enquiry [0x05]
ACK 0x06 6   acknowledge [0x06]
BEL 0x07 7   bell [0x07]
BS 0x08 8   backspace [0x08]
HT 0x09 9   horizontal tab [0x09]
NL 0x0A 10   new line (or LF, line feed) [0x0a]
VT 0x0B 11   vertical tab [0x0b]
NP 0x0C 12   new page (or FF, form feed) [0x0c]
CR 0x0D 13   carriage return [0x0d]
SO 0x0E 14   shift out [0x0d]
SI 0x0F 15   shift in [0x0f]
DLE 0x10 16   data link escape [0x10]
DC1 0x11 17   device control 1 [0x11]
DC2 0x12 18   device control 2 [0x12]
DC3 0x13 19   device control 3 [0x13]
DC4 0x14 20   device control 4 [0x14]
NAK 0x15 21   negative acknowledge [0x15]
SYN 0x16 22   synchronous idle [0x16]
ETB 0x17 23   end of transmission block [0x17]
CAN 0x18 24   cancel [0x18]
EM 0x19 25   end of medium [0x19]
SUB 0x1a 26   substitute [0x1a]
ESC 0x1b 27   escape [0x1b]
FS 0x1c 28   file separator [0x1c]
GS 0x1d 29   group separator [0x1d]
RS 0x1e 30   record separator [0x1e]
US 0x1f 31   unit separator [0x1f]
SP 0x20 32   space [0x20]
! 0x21 33   exclamation mark [0x21]
" 0x22 34 " quotation mark [0x22]
# 0x23 35   number sign [0x23]
$ 0x24 36   dollar sign [0x24]
% 0x25 37   percent sign [0x25]
& 0x26 38 & ampersand [0x26]
' 0x27 39   apostrophe [0x27]
( 0x28 40   left parenthesis [0x28]
) 0x29 41   right parenthesis [0x29]
* 0x2A 42   asterisk [0x2a]
+ 0x2B 43   plus sign [0x2b]
, 0x2C 44   comma [0x2c]
- 0x2D 45   hyphen-minus [0x2d]
. 0x2E 46   full stop [0x2e]
/ 0x2F 47   solidus [0x2f]
0 0x30 48   digit zero [0x30]
1 0x31 49   digit one [0x31]
2 0x32 50   digit two [0x32]
3 0x33 51   digit three [0x33]
4 0x34 52   digit four [0x34]
5 0x35 53   digit five [0x35]
6 0x36 54   digit six [0x36]
7 0x37 55   digit seven [0x37]
8 0x38 56   digit eight [0x38]
9 0x39 57   digit nine [0x39]
: 0x3A 58   colon [0x3a]
; 0x3B 59   semicolon [0x3b]
< 0x3C 60 &lt; less-than sign [0x3c]
= 0x3D 61 &gt; equals sign [0x3d]
> 0x3E 62   greater-than sign [0x3e]
? 0x3F 63   question mark [0x3f]
@ 0x40 64   commercial at [0x40]
A 0x41 65   capital letter a [0x41]
B 0x42 66   capital letter b [0x42]
C 0x43 67   capital letter c [0x43]
D 0x44 68   capital letter d [0x44]
E 0x45 69   capital letter e [0x45]
F 0x46 70   capital letter f [0x46]
G 0x47 71   capital letter g [0x47]
H 0x48 72   capital letter h [0x48]
I 0x49 73   capital letter i [0x49]
J 0x4A 74   capital letter j [0x4a]
K 0x4B 75   capital letter k [0x4b]
L 0x4C 76   capital letter l [0x4c]
M 0x4D 77   capital letter m [0x4d]
N 0x4E 78   capital letter n [0x4e]
O 0x4F 79   capital letter o [0x4f]
P 0x50 80   capital letter p [0x50]
Q 0x51 81   capital letter q [0x51]
R 0x52 82   capital letter r [0x52]
S 0x53 83   capital letter s [0x53]
T 0x54 84   capital letter t [0x54]
U 0x55 85   capital letter u [0x55]
V 0x56 86   capital letter v [0x56]
W 0x57 87   capital letter w [0x57]
X 0x58 88   capital letter x [0x58]
Y 0x59 89   capital letter y [0x59]
Z 0x5A 90   capital letter z [0x5a]
[ 0x5B 91   left square bracket [0x5b]
\ 0x5C 92   reverse solidus [0x5c]
] 0x5D 93   right square bracket [0x5d]
^ 0x5E 94   circumflex accent [0x5e]
_ 0x5F 95   low line [0x5f]
` 0x60 96   grave accent [0x60]
a 0x61 97   small letter a [0x61]
b 0x62 98   small letter b [0x62]
c 0x63 99   small letter c [0x63]
d 0x64 100   small letter d [0x64]
e 0x65 101   small letter e [0x65]
f 0x66 102   small letter f [0x66]
g 0x67 103   small letter g [0x67]
h 0x68 104   small letter h [0x68]
i 0x69 105   small letter i [0x69]
j 0x6A 106   small letter j [0x6a]
k 0x6B 107   small letter k [0x6b]
l 0x6C 108   small letter l [0x6c]
m 0x6D 109   small letter m [0x6d]
n 0x6E 110   small letter n [0x6e]
o 0x6F 111   small letter o [0x6f]
p 0x70 112   small letter p [0x70]
q 0x71 113   small letter q [0x71]
r 0x72 114   small letter r [0x72]
s 0x73 115   small letter s [0x73]
t 0x74 116   small letter t [0x74]
u 0x75 117   small letter u [0x75]
v 0x76 118   small letter v [0x76]
w 0x77 119   small letter w [0x77]
x 0x78 120   small letter x [0x78]
y 0x79 121   small letter y [0x79]
z 0x7A 122   small letter z [0x7a]
{ 0x7B 123   left curly bracket [0x7b]
| 0x7C 124   vertical line [0x7c]
} 0x7D 125   right curly bracket [0x7d]
~ 0x7E 126   tilde [0x7e]
  0xA0 160 &nbsp; non-breaking space [0xc2,0xa0]
¡ 0xA1 161 &iexcl; inverted exclamation mark [0xc2,0xa1]
¢ 0xA2 162 &cent; cent sign [0xc2,0xa2]
£ 0xA3 163 &pound; pound sign [0xc2,0xa3]
¤ 0xA4 164 &curren; currency sign [0xc2,0xa4]
¥ 0xA5 165 &yen; yen sign [0xc2,0xa5]
¦ 0xA6 166 &brvbar; broken bar [0xc2,0xa6]
§ 0xA7 167 &sect; section sign [0xc2,0xa7]
¨ 0xA8 168 &uml; diaeresis [0xc2,0xa8]
© 0xA9 169 &copy copyright sign [0xc2,0xa9]
ª 0xAA 170 &ordf; feminine ordinal indicator [0xc2,0xaa]
« 0xAB 171 &laquo; left-pointing double angle quotation mark [0xc2,0xab]
¬ 0xAC 172 &not; not sign [0xc2,0xac]
­ 0xAD 173 &shy; soft hyphen [0xc2,0xad]
® 0xAE 174 &reg; registered sign [0xc2,0xae]
¯ 0xAF 175 &macr; overline [0xc2,0xaf]
° 0xB0 176 &deg; degree sign [0xc2,0xb0]
± 0xB1 177 &plusmn; plus-minus sign [0xc2,0xb1]
² 0xB2 178 &sup2; superscript two [0xc2,0xb2]
³ 0xB3 179 &sup3; superscript three [0xc2,0xb3]
´ 0xB4 180 &acute; acute accent [0xc2,0xb4]
µ 0xB5 181 &micro; micro sign [0xc2,0xb5]
0xB6 182 &para; pilcrow sign [0xc2,0xb6]
· 0xB7 183 &middot; middle dot [0xc2,0xb7]
¸ 0xB8 184 &cedil; cedilla [0xc2,0xb8]
¹ 0xB9 185 &sup1; superscript one [0xc2,0xb9]
º 0xBA 186 &ordm; masculine ordinal indicator [0xc2,0xba]
» 0xBB 187 &raquo; right-pointing double angle quotation mark [0xc2,0xbb]
¼ 0xBC 188 &frac14; vulgar fraction one quarter [0xc2,0xbc]
½ 0xBD 189 &frac12; vulgar fraction one half [0xc2,0xbd]
¾ 0xBE 190 &frac34; vulgar fraction three quarters [0xc2,0xbe]
¿ 0xBF 191 &iquest; inverted question mark [0xc2,0xbf]
À 0xC0 192 &Agrave; capital letter a with grave [0xc3,0x80]
Á 0xC1 193 &Aacute; capital letter a with acute [0xc3,0x81]
 0xC2 194 &Acirc; capital letter a with circumflex [0xc3,0x82]
à 0xC3 195 &Atilde; capital letter a with tilde [0xc3,0x83]
Ä 0xC4 196 &Auml; capital letter a with diaeresis [0xc3,0x84]
Å 0xC5 197 &Aring; capital letter a with ring above [0xc3,0x85]
Æ 0xC6 198 &AElig; capital letter ae [0xc3,0x86]
Ç 0xC7 199 &Ccedil; capital letter c with cedilla [0xc3,0x87]
È 0xC8 200 &Egrave; capital letter e with grave [0xc3,0x88]
É 0xC9 201 &Eacute; capital letter e with acute [0xc3,0x89]
Ê 0xCA 202 &Ecirc; capital letter e with circumflex [0xc3,0x8a]
Ë 0xCB 203 &Euml; capital letter e with diaeresis [0xc3,0x8b]
Ì 0xCC 204 &Igrave; capital letter i with grave [0xc3,0x8c]
Í 0xCD 205 &Iacute; capital letter i with acute [0xc3,0x8d]
Î 0xCE 206 &Icirc; capital letter i with circumflex [0xc3,0x8e]
Ï 0xCF 207 &Iuml; capital letter i with diaeresis [0xc3,0x8f]
Ð 0xD0 208 &ETH; capital letter eth (Icelandic) [0xc3,0x90]
Ñ 0xD1 209 &Ntilde; capital letter n with tilde [0xc3,0x91]
Ò 0xD2 210 &Ograve; capital letter o with grave [0xc3,0x92]
Ó 0xD3 211 &Oacute; capital letter o with acute [0xc3,0x93]
Ô 0xD4 212 &Ocirc; capital letter o with circumflex [0xc3,0x94]
Õ 0xD5 213 &Otilde; capital letter o with tilde [0xc3,0x95]
Ö 0xD6 214 &Ouml; capital letter o with diaeresis [0xc3,0x96]
× 0xD7 215 &times; multiplication sign [0xc3,0x97]
Ø 0xD8 216 &Oslash; capital letter o with stroke [0xc3,0x98]
Ù 0xD9 217 &Ugrave; capital letter u with grave [0xc3,0x99]
Ú 0xDA 218 &Uacute; capital letter u with acute [0xc3,0x9a]
Û 0xDB 219 &Ucirc; capital letter u with circumflex [0xc3,0x9b]
Ü 0xDC 220 &Uuml; capital letter u with diaeresis [0xc3,0x9c]
Ý 0xDD 221 &Yacute; capital letter y with acute [0xc3,0x9d]
Þ 0xDE 222 &THORN; capital letter thorn (Icelandic) [0xc3,0x9e]
ß 0xDF 223 &szlig; small letter sharp s (German) [0xc3,0x9f]
à 0xE0 224 &agrave; small letter a with grave [0xc3,0xa0]
á 0xE1 225 &aacute; small letter a with acute [0xc3,0xa1]
â 0xE2 226 &acirc; small letter a with circumflex [0xc3,0xa2]
ã 0xE3 227 &atilde; small letter a with tilde [0xc3,0xa3]
ä 0xE4 228 &auml; small letter a with diaeresis [0xc3,0xa4]
å 0xE5 229 &aring; small letter a with ring above [0xc3,0xa5]
æ 0xE6 230 &aelig; small letter ae [0xc3,0xa6]
ç 0xE7 231 &ccedil; small letter c with cedilla [0xc3,0xa7]
è 0xE8 232 &egrave; small letter e with grave [0xc3,0xa8]
é 0xE9 233 &eacute; small letter e with acute [0xc3,0xa9]
ê 0xEA 234 &ecirc; small letter e with circumflex [0xc3,0xaa]
ë 0xEB 235 &euml; small letter e with diaeresis [0xc3,0xab]
ì 0xEC 236 &igrave; small letter i with grave [0xc3,0xac]
í 0xED 237 &iacute; small letter i with acute [0xc3,0xad]
î 0xEE 238 &icirc; small letter i with circumflex [0xc3,0xae]
ï 0xEF 239 &iuml; small letter i with diaeresis [0xc3,0xaf]
ð 0xF0 240 &eth; small letter eth (icelandic) [0xc3,0xb0]
ñ 0xF1 241 &ntilde; small letter n with tilde [0xc3,0xb1]
ò 0xF2 242 &ograve; small letter o with grave [0xc3,0xb2]
ó 0xF3 243 &oacute; small letter o with acute [0xc3,0xb3]
ô 0xF4 244 &ocirc; small letter o with circumflex [0xc3,0xb4]
õ 0xF5 245 &otilde; small letter o with tilde [0xc3,0xb5]
ö 0xF6 246 &ouml; small letter o with diaeresis [0xc3,0xb6]
÷ 0xF7 247 &divide; division sign [0xc3,0xb7]
ø 0xF8 248 &oslash; small letter o with stroke [0xc3,0xb8]
ù 0xF9 249 &ugrave; small letter u with grave [0xc3,0xb9]
ú 0xFA 250 &uacute; small letter u with acute [0xc3,0xba]
û 0xFB 251 &ucirc; small letter u with circumflex [0xc3,0xbb]
ü 0xFC 252 &uuml; small letter u with diaeresis [0xc3,0xbc]
ý 0xFD 253 &yacute; small letter y with acute [0xc3,0xbd]
þ 0xFE 254 &thorn; small letter thorn (Icelandic) [0xc3,0xbe]
ÿ 0xFF 255 &yuml; small letter y with diaeresis [0xc3,0xbf]

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