Java Mentoring

Our mentoring scheme is designed to assist other programmers with their work, providing support and guidance from Sun-certified Java programmers with extensive IT experience.

We are contacted by both employers and employees and welcome approaches from either or both. All communications are treated with complete discretion.

Here are some things people have said about us:


"TechnoJeeves mentoring services were invaluable during the construction of POSEIDON. TechnoJeeves expertise - across the board - in the Java programming language, combined with a background in real world application deployment, made it possible to get to grips with issues, challenges, and new concepts or material in a rapid, digestible and productive way. The great thing, above all, with TechnoJeeves is the ease of access and personal nature of the mentoring, which allows you to get really close to the subject, helping ensure proper understanding of it." - George Bonfield, POSEIDON

"TechnoJeeves have simplified my approach to writing my JAVA program by walking me through the process step by step. They have encouraged me to think about each portion of my program separately, and get each portion to work independently before integrating it into a finished application. Along the way, they have pointed me to resources to help me understand the process and discover new ways of approaching common challenges." - Kyle Hamilton - owner of


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