The below app is currently offline. I've had to take this offline as I've been unable to site the download file anywhere such that it meets these two criteria:

  • The server should have good latency and bandwidth such that the accuracy of the measurement is good.
  • The file's frequency of download should have no negative impact on me or anyone else.

If you think you can help site a 1MiB file anywhere public, I'd be grateful to hear from you via the Contact menu link above.


This system tray application measures the download speed of your connection to the Internet by downloading and discarding a text file and timing how long this takes.  Right-click the head of 'Technojeeves', that you should see in your system tray (it might at some point go into 'Hidden Icons') to activate and choose the 'Display' option from the menu.

You can monitor your download speed continuously by clicking the 'Repeat' box and you can select the repeat interval by clicking on the drop down list. The average speed will be calculated if you click the 'Average' box.


 Why is the application signed? Two reasons: 

  • A Java Web Start application has to be signed to sit in the system tray 
  • The application has to be signed to download the discarded text file from another site of mine

In other words, this application is perfectly safe and won't harm your system in any way.